An Unpopular Perspective

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By: Coach Britt (HWCA & Buddha Belly Life)

    "Leave it all on the table" 

    "You can rest when you are dead"

  I cringe every time I see business coaches promoting this ideology. The notion that "success" is measured by numbers. Number of "likes" or number of sales, followers, downline etc. That this subjective label of "success" is worth everything else that follows and often what follows isn't talked enough about. The rising divorce rates, children with disassociated parents, mental health problems and drastic autoimmune disease rates. 


Now do know that I am a lover of entrepreneurship. There is just something about the ability to create anything that you desire (albeit not easily) but still, limitless potential awaits you and once you get a taste for it, that first sale or accomplishment, it can be hard not to want more. 

"I'll never forget my moment. My first real taste of success."

I'll never forget my moment. My first real taste of success. I had sold my first health coach certification for $1500. A course that was at a rookie level and wasn't even completed yet. I used the sale of that first course to hire someone to help me complete it (the set-up part not the content) and there, my first training was born! At the time, my five-person family was living on under $35,000/year and that sale took the roof off of any of my perceived limitations. I was so high on the feeling. I went on a walk to chill out because I was feeling way to cool;) 

Not to get too spiritual on you guys but in order to tell this story, I need to tell it right so after what I now call my "ego walk" I proceeded to pray. I prayed in gratitude but I also prayed for something else. I prayed that God would help keep me grounded in the intangible blessings of my life. I had felt that high and I saw how addicting it could be, to succeed and keep succeeding. High stimulation experiences have a way of taking center stage, distracting us from things that are, in reality, far more valuable like our Health and Relationships. Moments with our kids, intentionality, awareness and simplicity. 

I went on to experience divorce, raising two boys, almost full time by myself while running the now busy Gut Health School  and later remarried, got pregnant with my third and had inherited three step children, making a family of eight! 

This crazy life has called so much of me, challenged and rewarded me greatly. But all the while, I was successful. Maybe my success was in my businesses, maybe it was in my children and what blended family life was calling? If I hadn't learned to shut out the noise of the "Kill it! kill it! kill it!" society we're living in, I could have easily lost my footing. Won "big" in a compartment of my life while losing massively in another and that may have been a loss in my health, my relationships or my children who let's face it, had been through enough. 


Not only do the people that you love deserve the best of you but YOU DISERVE THE BEST OF YOU! You deserve abundant wealth in your health and love in your life! 


What does this have to do with business? Well, glad you asked! Because if you can root yourself in your most surreal treasure, the stuff that matters most on your death bed, then when (not IF but WHEN) you carve space for your ambitions, creations and passions, you'll bring way more to the table. You'll already be a success in LIFE and not just on paper for subjective, critical eyes. 

If you are part of my community, not just my coaches but any of my connections, know that the best thing that I can do for your business is to help ground you in LIFE. So, today I challenge you to rethink, revisit and potentially restructure your vision. What does your ultimate dream look like? What is your treasure? What are you protecting? And lastly, what does life look like when you hold that treasure as the ultimate wealth before all else? 

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