Simplify To Succeed

#coachingtips #entrepreneurship Mar 09, 2022

How is your bank account? Seriously? The business one, connected to your coaching practice.

Just for the record, entrepreneurship is a crazy process of success and failures and "winning" doesn't always convert to financial gain as quick as we may like. However, if you've been at it a while and aren't seeing consistent income from all of that time and work, training, creating and trying everything, then you may need to hit pause for a second and step back. 

I'm not implying that you should hit the eject button and leave the coaching plane. Quite the opposite. It's likely time to EVALUATE and SIMPLIFY. 

The all-too-common FOMO keeps would be successful entrepreneurial coaches from doing things necessary to advance their businesses because they get stuck comparing their business to others who they deem more "successful" or "influential" and thus they do things to compete with those they feel are doing it "right" instead of evaluating what is actually RIGHT for their business! 

I blame the double edge sword that is social media for this common dilemma. So much stimulation! In a matter of seconds, you can scroll and see one hundred people who look more attractive, fit or successful than yourself. We gauge this by their visual appeal and the notated attention that they get (even if it's paid for which A LOT is!)

This keeps us in a state of inferiority, stress and FOMO and it also keeps us spending would be productive time doing the same things and expecting different results that never come. 

If this, is you...? we have some tips! 

  1. Put the phone down! Stop observing everyone else’s business when you should only be observing your own from a REAL internal standpoint. 
  2. Make a cup of tea, get some oils or whatever and meditate for at least 10 minutes. A brain in a state of stress (overwhelm, chaos) can't tap into its right hemisphere which is responsible for creativity and strategy. The left-brain dominance is analytical and technical and there is a place for this, however, when we need to simplify a process and create something new or better, we need that right side. Frankly, a calm central nervous system will best utilize both hemispheres and pack a powerful, non-emotional, punch maximizing Creative Strategy AND Analytical Observation. 
  3. Spend time developing a great product and funnel system before you start throwing out tons of content. You need to know where you are sending people and what you'll be doing with them first! 
  4. Don't post just to post. Less is MORE! Create better quality content and nurture a smaller audience. A smaller audience, interested in the value you give, is worth more than a huge audience of button clicking, attention span lacking eyes. Quality builds numbers slower however it pays way faster and sets you up for big ticket sales. 
  5. Last tid-bit... BE CONSISTANT! Once you've simplified your business strategy, offerings and services, make sure that you invest in them consistently. Inconsistency is one of the number one reasons businesses fail to grow or even get off of the ground. Consistency communicates to your audience and your subconscious that you take your business seriously no matter where its numbers are and others will take you more seriously too. 


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