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We aren't "Health Coaches." We aren't parents, partners, doctors or professionals. We aren't bosses and we sure as heck aren't authorities! 

The biggest impact that we can make on the world, be it our clients, friends, family or community is to EMPOWER THEM IN THEMSELVES! This DOESN'T mean that you don't have a acceptional specialty or level of insight or knowledge. It DOES mean that you will have the most impact on any given outcome when you point out the strengths in others. As hard as it may be sometimes. 

We can often get caught up in believing the falacy of authority. That specialized areas of experience or insight automatically makes us inferior to another and therefore we follow or we rebel. This black and white mentality is so distructive. To succeed in purpose, we must first set our feet in a commitment to EMPOWER the POWER in others. 

Don't believe me? Try it! Try it with your kids, your spouse, clients, friends, family and complete strangers. See what happens. The information and the "how to" advice that we have is a small detail in the grand scheme. The power is in igniting the power in others! 

You want to succeed? GIVE! EMPOWER! 

I lead a lot of coaches and wellness pro's at Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy and their victories are never mine! I Educate and I Empower. That's it. They choose to hear or not. They tap into their own power and they choose to use it. I merely remind them of what I believe them to be capeable of. Something no greater than I am capeable of. Your something is supposed to look different than anothers' because you are uniqe with your own story, journey and purpose. 

It's so much easier and more fulfilling to approach success with this energy. You don't need to know everything! You never will! But even if you did, the knowledge will never achieve what the impact of Empowerment will. 

Coach Britt

{Author, Founder of HWCA and host of Buddha Belly Podcast} 

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