From Coach Britt:

It was time to make quality coach training faster and more affordable. The world needs our coaches now more than ever"

~Coach Britt

[Buddha Belly Life Podcast Host, Author and Elite Coach]



We will equip the new and experienced coach with cutting edge education in Holistic Gut Health while including our most powerful Coaching Strategies, Educator training, Niche Business guidance and training in our Buddha Belly client Gut Restoration program as well as training and systems to market your niche business all in 13 weeks.



  • One year of powerful growth Masterminds included
  • Cert is AADP accredited
  • $5000+ education being offered exclusively for 40% off value
  • Physical book and Physical certification included
  • Opportunities to have your business and info featured by HWCA across multiple platforms.           


Mind-Gut Coaching Education & Application

( AADP Accredited and endorsed by HWCA)



Access To

Done For You, Sellable System 


Personal Branding & Business Design Training

Get certified and launch the next level of your business in 13 weeks for a fraction of the cost of the individual HWCA training!


6 payments of $332 (regularly a $3000 training)

We want you here and because we know your potential, we've created two tuition options that will suit ALL serious coaches. 

NOTE: We've partnered with the Holistic Wellness Academy to offer our member coaches an incredible scholarship. Join our coaches membership and receive our members only tuition scholarship, applicable towards HWCA's AADP accredited Holistic Gut Practitioner Coaching Certification

Become a Member Coach to Redeem Scholarship


After starting at HWCA, my vision definitely became more clear - on who I wanted to work with and what I wanted to help them with. General health is just too broad. I now focus entirely on metabolic health for longevity.

-Andrea Nicholson

(Buddha Belly Certified Coach and Fitness Trainer)

I've been actively working in the fitness industry since 2004 and as a Holistic Nutritionist since 2013.  Taking the Holistic Gut Health course has allowed me to narrow in on my desired client and expand my coaching. The education provided in the course, gives you the information and confidence you need to help people address their health issues from the inside out.

-Paul Skiba

(HWCA certified coach, RHN, CEP) 

I love the whole person approach and how the focus goes beyond just the gut and diet. It covers all aspects of a person's life that needs to be addressed when looking to heal and grow.

-Tara Gush

(Yoga instructor and Gut Specialist) 

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