How To Nurture Hormones Through The Gut Biome

autoimmune disease brain gut connection gut health hormones May 02, 2022

Hormones are chemical messengers, created in glands that communicate messages through your blood to your organs, skin, muscles and tissues. They essentially tell your body what to do and when to do it.

Pretty important right? 

When we hear "Hormones" we tend to think of women because of their biological hormonal fluctuations. These fluctuations are necessary in order to reproduce and carry children, but hormones are just as pertinent to men although men don't experience the variances that women do. 

Hormones orchestrate incredible functions in the body, including mood, fertility, sexual function, sleep, blood pressure and muscle growth. There are multiple components of the hormonal orchestra and each gland produces select hormones in intricate quality in order to work with the other glands/hormones to achieve optimal bodily function and health. 

When any of these systems are out of whack, the entire body can suffer and when the body is off, disease and illness start to manifest. Hormones are associated with an array of autoimmune conditions, infertility and "invisible illness." And hormones are greatly supported by the health of the Gut Microbiome. 

Yet another epidemic concern than may just so happen to also be positively affected by nurturing the gut biome. When I teach on this topic at Gut Health School, I always make sure to emphasize the importance of tending to the gut FULLY. By fully, I am referring to holistically. The hormones are manufactured in glands throughout the body such as the Thyroid, Pituitary, Adrenals and etc. These areas of the body, including the physical Gut, all respond greatly to stress and emotion as well as diet and exercise. How can we possibly restore these glands and functions if we neglect to remove the constant abuse of stress both in the form of Acute Stress and Chronic and don't forget the impact of trauma as well. 

When our HWCA coaches work within the Buddha Belly protocol, they strategically work with clients on a nutritional level but they also combine therapeutic nutrition with holistic strategies to nurture the Gut and all of its connected tissues both physically and energetically. 

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